Synthwave album download

Synthwave album download

Due to the size and rapid transformation of the music, choosing the Top 10 albums this year was not simply a matter of picking the best releases; it actually required a delineation of the outer limits of the genre.

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Darksynth music was massively popular inevolving and expanding from a small subgenre on the outskirts of synthwave to a large and distinctive genre of its own. Artists like Dan Terminus, Gost, and Perturbator assertively moved beyond synthwave inforging into new territory with unique and often original creative choices. Due to the sharp transformation of their music, those artists were not considered for this list.

Although these recordings hold many redeeming aspects, their incorporation of musical influences from starkly different eras and styles of pop culture than traditional synthwave music places them on the fringe of the genre and consequently excludes them from consideration for the Top The massive amount of synthwave music in ensured there was no shortage of options for this list, yet these recordings rose above with their excellent craftsmanship, inspired songwriting, and unique contributions to an amazing genre of music.

FM Attack may not be prolific, though the artist certainly knows how to make a release count.

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Each entry on the album is packed with detail and inspired songwriting choices, and the collaborations with artists like Phaserland, Miranda Carey, and I Am Harlequin help diversify the tracklist and keep the recording fresh and interesting at every turn. The debut album from Ellen Replay is the most straightforward and stylistically uncomplicated release on this list, though it feels remarkably vast in spite of its unassuming songwriting approach.

Every track features a unique style, from electro funk to retro-futuristic sports anthems and classic instrumental synthwave. Infused with irresistibly bright melodies, Five is one of the most optimistic releases of the year. Just try to be in a bad mood while listening to this album. Along with Beckett, Damokles created some of the most authentically retro musical moments of Delivering one of the most old school synthwave sounds of anything on the list, this album is an essential release for fans of Miami NightsLost Years, and early Lazerhawk.

Impeccable synth melodies, engaging rhythms, and smartly restrained use of sax solos help keep this one exciting for its duration. Expertly realized and masterfully executed, Ace of Space is the spiritual embodiment of modern synthwave music.

By combining the crushing rhythmic elements of classic darksynth with gleaming, bright melodies, Isidor has created a science fiction masterpiece that is simultaneously immense and intricate, mighty and beautiful. Want more info on the synthwave genre and its evolutions? Check out What is Synthwave? Support Iron Skullet on Patreon.

Skip to content. Like this: Like Loading Post navigation. Album Review: Phaserland — Cosmic Boundaries. Album Review: Caspro — Head Reset. Search for: Begin typing your search above and press return to search. Press Esc to cancel. Words of Iron. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.Synthwave underwent a dramatic transformation in a small army of talented producers shifted over to the softer, vocal-driven sounds of popwave music while the remaining artists increasingly leaned into darker and edgier territory.

As a result, this list includes traditional synthwave music along with recordings that push into the more aggressive styles of darksynth and cyberpunk synthwave. This top 10 includes full-length albums and EPs and is limited to one release per artist. These are the Top 10 Synthwave Albums of ! The album also maintains consistent quality across its 11 tracks, making it a solid overall release with something to offer every fan of the genre.

A candidate for most improved artist of the year, Jeremiah Kane exploded out of the pack of mid-level producers with a third full-length album, All or Nothing. The recording maintains some of the melodic appeal of traditional synthwave while experimenting with a remarkable selection of songwriting approaches and conceptual themes. Read the full review for Emergent Behavior. Wolf and Raven have produced many of the best synthwave songs to date including those on the outstanding Ace of Space albumbut rather than fall back on tried-and-true techniques, the act took a risk and jumped into heavier territory on Lair of the Dragon.

The crunchy guitar riffs and prominent solos accompany influences from video games and Japanese culture for one of the most unique and magical recordings of the year. Read the full review for Lair of the Dragon. Storm City may be an EP, but it delivers more quality content than nearly all of the full-length albums released in Few synthwave producers possess the same technical skills and songwriting chops as Caspro.

All together, Kardasynth is a balanced and rewarding effort from one of the most exciting new creators in the genre. Read the full review for Kardasynth. Read the full review for Magenta Nights.

Lord of Synth matches and even exceeds the high standard set by its titanic predecessor, Massive rhythm sections establish the foundation of each track while Isidor lays down calculated melodies that manage to be simultaneously brutal and beautiful. Lord of Synth is a near-perfect creation that grinds lesser albums into neon dust.

Read the full review of Lord of Synth. There were plenty of significant recordings this year, more than enough to fill a list of 10 albums. Every track on this under-the-radar masterpiece has its own distinctive personality thanks to an array of authentically vintage influences.

Read the full review of Outrun the Skyline. Skip to content. Looking for artists like The Midnight, Gunship, and Timecop?Or browse results titled :. Synthwave Radio Russia.

Contact Synthwave Radio. Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account. If you like Synthwave Radio, you may also like:.

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A synth-wave record with all the right pieces to bring metalheads. The only mark against it is that i found some of the features on tracks to be the weakest parts and generally weaker tracks MyNameIsRedundant. This is a great album, i like the dark atmosphere, and as usual the great ending alexs The Resistance by Replicant.

Darkwave synth that directly addresses our modern dystopian political environment, with proceeds going to the Voting Rights Project. Possessor by Gost. Bandcamp Album of the Day Mar 23, The French artist's latest album is filled with dark synths and ghostly electronica.

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synthwave album download

El Tato. El Tato Great album. Cant stop listening to it. Not one weak track on the whole thing, AND I cannot pick a favourite. Super work. Mikey Darksyth artists honoring one of the greatest horror films of time is the reason I love this album. Not a weak track of the bunch. AND it's got Funeral Director on it!!!!Futuristic accents, 80s soundscapes, analog synths and neon noise? You can expect all of that and more when listening to synthwave albums. Just think of some of the great synthwave acts we listen to today: College, Kavinsky, Mitch MurderScandroid, Pylot and more.

So, tune in below and welcome the return of retro:. Really, the track LP does well to keep listeners on their feet with crisp, yet powerful noise. So, what kept us so interested? Who knew synth-pop, rock and electro-funk could work so seamlessly with synthwave? Reminiscent of 80s rock and new wave, the beautiful LP ushers old school into a new era, with blazing synths, smashing bass lines and retrowave magic.

Expect hard-hitting tracks ex. Starlight Paradise and much more. Tune in below:. Fahrenheit by Sung. IIattributing his genre shift to age in our interview. But, like a fine wine, his productions only keep getting better. Oh, and be sure to check out the collaboration with indie-pop act, Mystery Skulls.

5 Essential Synthwave Albums For New Listeners

Globe Vol. Really, Com Truise does a brilliant job, balancing atmospheric melodies with futuresynth fun in this track LP.

Red88Rex's Synthwave Collection Volume VI (+MP3 Download)

Nevertheless, the California duo keeps things real with sci-fi themes that will keep you moving all night long. Expect a rinse of nostalgia with a wave of analog fun.

Well done, Kavinsky. Well done. OutRun by Kavinsky. Best heard in its entirety, the track LP features a wide array of captivating soundscapes and retrofuturist energy. Check it out now:. Station Nova by Waveshaper. What more could you ask for? Sunset Blood by Starcadian. Released in as a compilation of his first three EPs, the track album delivers in true Carpenter Brut fashion, with raw energy paving the way. Our favorite track?

synthwave album download

Lots of funk, vintage kits and pumping bass lines in this one. Enjoy our selection of must-hear synthwave albums? Looking for more synthwave?Join Cultured Vultures as we bring you some of the biggest news from the world of wrestling. This is especially true of the development of new music genres. Many new genres have spawned entirely from the internet such as cloud rap and vaporwave.

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Among these genres is synthwave, also called retrowave and outrun. Its popularity dramatically increased with the soundtracks of the film Drive and the video game Hotline Miami featuring several songs from artists working within the synthwave genre. With the numerous releases that fall within the genre, it can be difficult to figure out where to start.

Searching for the term on sites like Youtube and Bandcamp brings up hundreds of results. This was my own gateway drug into synthwave. This is a beautiful, dream-like album. After stumbling on it by accident, I went and listened to almost all of what Timecop has released so far. This is a relatively new album, having been released in Several songs feature vocals from singer Ollie Wride, and he does such a great job that I wish there was a full album with him working together with FM Everything about Redline invokes mental images of fast cars and cheesy action films.

All from the s, of course. This is yet another album that helped define synthwave as a genre. Several tracks feature robotic vocals that your mileage may vary on, but they fit in the overall aesthetic of the album perfectly. Carpenter Brut was one of the most hyped synthwave artists I came across.

11 Must-Hear Synthwave Albums

These dark tracks, ranging from moody to aggressive, are like the soundtrack to some lost Dario Argento film. Some of the coverage you find on Cultured Vultures contains affiliate links, which provide us with small commissions based on purchases made from visiting our site. We cover gaming newsmovie reviewswrestling and much more. Gamezeen is a Zeen theme demo site. Zeen is a next generation WordPress theme. Games of the Generation: Sayonara Wild Hearts.

Jericho 5 Best Chris Jericho Gimmicks. Timecop — Journeys This was my own gateway drug into synthwave. FM — Atlas This is a relatively new album, having been released in Mitch Murder — Current Events 80s nostalgia is one of the defining themes of synthwave. Press ESC to close. Subscribe Today This is a customizable subscription pop-up to sign up your visitors to your newsletter.Powered by old school synthesizers and thunderous, sequenced beats, laptop-wielding ultra-nerds like Pertubator and Carpenter Brut have been conjuring new ways to be heavy and subversive, while simultaneously dragging metalheads onto the dancefloor.

Your electric dreams start here, kids. The most pivotal moment in the emergence of synthwave as an recognisable sound, the Drive soundtrack arguably had more cultural impact than the Nicolas Winding Refn-directed movie itself. The film was pretty cool, too. Even without the eye-melting weirdness of his videos for early smashers like Turbo Killer and Roller Mobster, Carpenter Brut was clearly hell-bent on entertaining people as hard as possible.

Nothing has done more to nudge synthwave toward the mainstream than Stranger Things. You berk. With bonus demogorgons.

Purveyors of a defiantly goth-friendly strain of thunderous synthwave, Dance With The Dead aimed their music squarely at the rock world from day one. Gleefully cranking up the guitars, songs like Eyes Of MadnessRiot and Diabolic were crowd-pleasing, gore-to-the-floor bangers; undeniably futuristic and forward-thinking, but demonstrably metal as fuck, too.

Fans of heavy music need to take a selective approach when it comes to synthwave, a lot of which is highly formulaic and not remotely dark.

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But if you prefer synthwave that makes you feel like your head is being slammed through a digital wall and into some Tron -esque dystopian nightmare, Glitch Black have got you covered. From pummelling psychedelic techno Genesis to turbocharged car chase electro BK-1Emergent Behaviour is a gritty retrowave rollercoaster.

Possessor still slams with that irresistible digi-disco thud, but crazed blastbeats and maxed-out electronic scree dominate, just as Satan probably intended.

synthwave album download

Synthwave for Slayer fans. Meanwhile, French cyber-scamp Fixions continues to smash all-comers. Sleepwatcher is an explosive riot of jackhammer beats, insidious melodies and monstrous crescendos and a noticeably metallic sense of dynamics.

Fixions mastermind Vincent Cassar also has a supremely weird black metal project called Smohalla, which explains a lot. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Cliff Martinez - Drive OST The most pivotal moment in the emergence of synthwave as an recognisable sound, the Drive soundtrack arguably had more cultural impact than the Nicolas Winding Refn-directed movie itself. See more Metal Hammer features.The fact is, we don't quite know how good he still is or his true ceiling.

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Top 10 Synthwave Albums of 2017

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